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Liverpool fans worried over delay in contract extension for prolific duo



James Milner

Liverpool fans are worried over what can be term as a delay in the contract extension of two of their star players, Sadio Mane and James Milner.

Going by records, the contract of England international, James Milner is expected to lapse in 2020 while that of Senegal international, Sadio will end in 2021.

But Liverpool fans are hoping the Reds extend their contracts as soon as possible to prevent other football clubs from wading in.

James Milner has been at his best for the Reds so far this season despite his old age.

He has been linked with a return to his boyhood club where he hopes to retire.

However, it was disclosed that Liverpool are trying to delay a contract extension for James Miner to see how he will fair this season.

If he performs well, the Reds are likely to tender a contract extension as they don’t want to lose in the same way they lost Emre Can.

On the hand, Sadio Mane – one of Liverpool attacking trio of Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino, the report confirmed talks are already in place for a contract extension since last season.

But his agent and Liverpool are yet to find a common ground.

Finally, Mourinho says he wants star player to stay