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Lampard not competing against Mourinho but United in Carabao Cup



Frank Lampard

Mourinho called Lampard but refused to discuss Tuesday’s game with him.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho still maintains his competitive nature, not minding past relationships he has had.

Mourinho’s United will be playing against Derby County whose manager is his former player, Frank Lampard on Tuesday at the Old Trafford in the Carabao Cup.

The pair have had a relationship in the past with the United manager being a boss to the now Derby County manager at Chelsea.

The Rams boss had played under Mourinho but that will not be placed under consideration by the former Chelsea boss who would be business minded.

It is already obvious with Mourinho reported to have earlier called the 40-year-old manager but refused to discuss Tuesday’s meeting with him.

Lampard says he is looking forward to crossing paths again with his old boss.

According to him, Mourinho made an immense impact on his career so, it will be an opportunity to go against him and showcase what has been learnt.

He described Mourinho as an achiever who has his records in the history books

However, he said he will not be going against Mourinho but against Manchester United and its fans at the Old Trafford.

He acknowledged the fact that it is going to be a difficult trip for his side, admitting that it would be a tough game.

Lampard says the respect his side will be giving the Red Devils at the Old Trafford will be limited.

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