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Why Jose Mourinho should not be taken seriously by the public



jose mourinho

Another Manchester United player has exposed another antic used by his boss, Jose Mourinho which might be unaware to the public and most importantly, the media.

Mourinho is known not to be on the same page with the media especially his antics and style of answering questions during press conferences.

Nemanja Matic discloses that his boss never allows all of those things to get into his head. As a matter of fact, he noted that all those stunts with the media was used to get pressure off the team.

Jose Mourinho

The midfielder said it will be ignorance to think that pressure could be mounted on the former Chelsea boss as he is as calm as ever.

Hailing Mourinho as one of the best, Matic said his manager knows exactly what he is doing and in control of the situation, hence, he should not be taken so seriously.

Star player reveals Mourinho’s true identity, not what people think of him

United looked like they were dipped into crisis after suffering back-to-back defeats against Brighton and Tottenham but the 2-0 victory against Burnley seems to have salvaged the situation.

Insinuations are that the international break will be more helpful to the Red Devils to cool off and return fresh for a more bigger challenge as they look forward to returning back to challenge for the trophy.