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Star player confirms he would have left Chelsea if Antonio Conte had remain coach, read why he stayed 



David Luiz

David Luiz confirms he would have left Chelsea if Antonio Conte had remain coach, see why he stayed

It seems ex Chelsea coach, Antonio Conte didn’t only have issues with the club board but also with the players especially senior players.

Most of the players have indicated that, had the Italian remain as the Blues coach they would have left.

david luiz

Some of the senior players who would have moved away from Stamford Bridge include, Willian, Alvaro Morata, Eden Hazard and Kante.

But recently Brazil international and Chelsea defender, David Luiz confirmed he would have left also had Conte remain at Chelsea.

David Luiz stressed that he was not happy with Antonio Conte style of play who prefers to use 3 defenders at the back.

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The Brazil star defender stressed that he can only perform effectively when he has a four defender squad at the back as he last played a 3 defender squad when he was 16.

David Luiz however, disclosed he stayed put at Stamford Bridge owing to the arrival of new coach, Sarri Maurizio.

This is because the ex Italian coach prefers a 4 defender squad which favours David Luiz.

So far, Sarri have played the Brazil international in almost all of their game since arriving at Stamford Bridge.