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Croatia will determine who makes it to the next round in Group 4




The Uefa Nations League’s group 4 consists of three European countries of Spain, England, and Croatia.

Spain and England went head to head on Monday night in Seville, with England defeating the La Roja at home for the first time in 15 years.

Taking a look at the Group 4 table, it showed that the Spanish team are leading with 6 points, followed by England with 4 points, Croatia have one point.

However, England and Spain have one match each to go against Croatia which is expected to be played in November.

But England are at a head to head advantage over Spain following their recent win, this is because away goals count when it comes to group tiebreaker.

This latest development means the three lions would have an edge over Spain if both teams finish at the same points, however, this can only happen if the La Roja play a draw in Croatia while the English national team beat the 2018 World Cup Finalist at Wembley, in November.

With this, Croatia will play a determining factor in the Group to decide on who will leave the group stage.

Spain will be hoping to defeat Croatia and at the same the time hoping Croatia defeat England or at least play a draw

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