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Chelsea vs Cardiff City: Neil Warnock worried about these Chelsea duo



Chelsea vs Cardiff City

Chelsea vs Cardiff City: Neil Warnock worried that these two Chelsea players are available to play

Coach Neil Warnock will be leading his Cardiff City boys to Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Neil in a statement expressed his disappointment over having to play Chelsea with either of the availability of  Eden Hazard or Willian.

He went on to say Cardiff City would have full advantage if none of the two were available to play for the Blues.

Neil hinted that the two players are the lifeline at Chelsea and if they were absent the match will be fair.

The Cardiff City coach in a statement revealed he wished Chelsea had sold off Eden Hazard and Willian to Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

He went on to say that he wished Eden Hazard had sustained some injury during the international break and that would have kept him off the pitch.

As it stands, Chelsea duo Willian and Eden Hazard will be available to play against Cardiff City.

However, Neil Warnock has assured a fair play, he said his boys will be playing against Chelsea with a full attacking style since they have little or no chance to lose.

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