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Cardiff City, West Ham and Liverpool now know how best to tackle Chelsea midfielder 



Cardiff City, West Ham and Liverpool now know how best to tackle Chelsea newly signed midfielder

The UEFA nations league which went down a few days ago are over as most footballers have now returned back to their various football clubs.

While some players had an upgrade in terms of acquiring experience, it was a medium for others to make known their weakness.

Chelsea midfielder and Italy international, Jorginho, made an unconscious statement of his weakness which may come back to hunt him at Chelsea and also affect the Blues totally.

Jorginho is one of the best midfielders Chelsea have signed in years as he has gone ahead to create some top passes in the EPL in only a season of his arrival beating Manchester City star, Laporte.

The Italy international represented his home country, Italy in the Uefa nations league against Poland.

Although the game ended in a 1 –  1 draw for the two European countries, Jorginho blamed himself for the goal scored by Poland.

He went on to say he is unable to take the ball when he is being landmarked.

This is a hint for the likes of Cardiff City, West Ham, and Liverpool on how to stop the midfielder from performing at Stamford Bridge.

All they have to do is to landmark Jorginho and Chelsea will be unable to perform.

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