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(Video) Father and Son moment between star player and Liverpool Jurgen Klopp 



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Video: Father and Son moment between Swiss Player and Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp seems to be an individual who can do anything whenever he is happy.

The German seems to be ready to take the EPL and other football tournaments by storm having signed four new players to his side in the summer transfer window, making Liverpool the highest spender in England.

The new system seems to be paying off as Liverpool won their first match in the English Premier League against Pellegrini led West Ham side on Sunday.

The game had ended with 4 goals to nothing with Liverpool player and Senegal international, Sadio Mane scoring a brace for the Reds.

However, Liverpool new signings also proved their arrival at Anfield was not in vain as the likes of Naby Keita performed well for the English team.

Keita took charge of the Liverpool midfield like a pro he is and was in the news for his great performance.

However, Keita was not the only new signing to gain ground as Swiss player, Xherdan Shaqiri also got some applause in form of a hug from Jurgen Klopp when he was about to enter as a substitute.

The video of the two hugging was said to be like a father and son and has since trended on the internet.