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Robertson! Liverpool and Man City are not the major contenders for the EPL title



Andy Robertson

Contrary to the belief by football fans and pundits, Liverpool full-back, Andrew Robertson dismissed the fact that the Reds and Man City are the major contenders for the EPL title.

Liverpool and Man City went head to head in their 8th match in the EPL yesterday at Anfield but it was shocking to note that not a single spark flew from the game between the two sides.

The game ended in a goalless draw, although Man City had the opportunity of finding the back of the net in the last five minutes via a penalty kick, Riyad Mahrez lost the golden opportunity.

Liverpool left-back, Andrew Robertson who receive great tackles from the Pep Guardiola side yesterday hinted that the EPL is not a two horse race between Liverpool and Man City.

He hinted that other football clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur and even Chelsea are main contenders.

Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea are seated on the EPL table with the same points and are only separated by goal differences.

They are closely followed by Arsenal and Tottenham, who may reduce the gaps soon.

The Reds have faced Tottenham, Chelsea and Man City in their last three EPL games and will face Huddersfield in October 20.

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