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Mourinho Showed Manchester United Fans ‘Another’ Side Of Him




We saw a handful drama at the Etihad Stadium when Manchester United beat Man City 3-2 last Saturday in the premier league.

One of the ‘surprising’ things was how manager Jose Mourinho held his cool when a coin was hurled towards him at the end of the Manchester Derby. The Portuguese tactician chose not to complain about the disrespectful act.

After the coin was thrown at him in stoppage time, the former Chelsea boss chose to act on the issue with maturity. He simply picked up the coin and gave it to one of the ball boys.

Explaining the situation, someone close to Mourinho said the Portuguese tactician simply offered the pound coin to a ball boy nearby without causing problems. He also told the boy that every pound can help make someone rich.

We shouldn’t be too surprised Mourinho chose to be a gentleman on Saturday. His side won the game and gave him the necessary three points.

Of course, lots of pundits were of the opinion that Manchester City would emerge victorious on Saturday. And after Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Gundogan scored in the first half to put Pep Guardiola ahead, they thought the sky blue club have won the premier league already.

But Frenchman Paul Pogba scored a quick brace to get his side back into the game before Chris Smalling scored the winning goal.