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Mourinho ready for another showdown with the press




There seem to be a lot to worry about in coming days as Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho reported to be bashing the media after he was asked questions on Wednesday clash against Arsenal.

The rivalry between both teams will continue but with a different face as a manager, Unai Emery will be having his first clash with the Red Devils as a Gunners boss.

However, the Portuguese boss refused to give out his team news to the press as he blasted them for always blowing every situation at the club up.

This is believed to cause lots of reactions from the press who have been at loggerhead with the former Chelsea boss since the start of the season.

Mourinho claims he is not liked by the press for no reason and has been a victim of their “lies” since his joining the club.

It would be recalled that the former Real Madrid boss walked out on the media earlier this season for what he described as a witch-hunt.

Meanwhile, he noted that he will find it difficult to upset the North London side because of the poor form by his side and the good for by the Arsenal team.

According to Mourinho, his side are making frantic efforts to return the situation around as well as stabilize his side so that they can return back to winning ways, especially on Wednesday against long-term target.