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This is one of the smartest decision by Jurgen Klopp



jurgen klopp

Liverpool coach plays smart as he avoids war of words with Jose Mourinho

English football club, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp is a different piece altogether, he is smart on and off the pitch.

The Reds coach after Liverpool win over Leicester City during the weekend at King Power Stadium was seen addressing the press.

jurgen klopp

However, one of the areas he spoke on about Man United coach, Jose Mourinho shading him about not winning outside Germany has got our interest.

Unlike Arsenal ex-coach, Arsene Wenger, who would have fired by at Jose Mourinho (with the two being one of the most controversial coaches in England) Jurgen Klopp had smartly refused to trade words with Portugal international.

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The Reds coach confirmed he didn’t watch the interview but said he was surprised the media linked Jose Mourinho statement to him.

He went on to say Jose Mourinho is right about him not winning anything outside Germany and that the Portugal international was one of the best coaches in England.

Klopp, however, added that he will start watching Jose Mourinho interview to be updated.

Well, with this statement, it shows Jurgen Klopp is goal driven and does not have the time for trading words as he hopes to see Liverpool performing better.