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Jurgen Klopp – We are not afraid, we have perfect respect for each other



Jurgen Klopp

Man City and Liverpool will go head to head in the biggest game for the first time in this current campaign.

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp is very hopeful of defeating Man City today.

The Reds coach in a recent statement revealed that Liverpool past records of defeating Man City, which is enough proof to win.

Liverpool has defeated Man City three times this year, twice in the UCL and once in the EPL.

However, Jurgen Klopp made it known that both Liverpool and Man City have a maximum respect for each other and they don’t fear each other.

According to Jurgen Klopp, the two sides have players with great quality and both sides want to win today.

The Reds coach hinted that Liverpool have the required tools to be successful today which is enough for them to have a good level of confidence.

Jurgen Klopp will start all his best players and he hopes Man City will do the same.

The game will be an attacking style of play because the duo of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp like to push the ball forward.

Liverpool will want to bounce back by winning Man City after suffering an embarrassing defeat in the hands of the Italian club, Napoli in the UCL.

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