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Ivan Gazidis faces £90 fines for Arsenal addiction



New AC Milan CEO has said goodbye to the North London side Arsenal but he seems not to have done that with his mouth as he is alleged to still mention the club while speaking at the Italian Serie A side.

The South African-born businessman, who spent nine years at the Emirates Stadium, seems to still have a challenge of not being able to speak without calling the Arsenal name.

However, SportsMediaset reveals that the 54-year-old will lose £90 each from the whopping £3.6 million contract he signs with the Italian side each time he speaks about Arsenal.

This seems to be giving Ivan Gazidis a more challenging time than the primary assignment he has been asked to do at the club.

The American businessman has been asked to run the Italian side just like he did at Arsenal as they wish to return the San Siro side back to the great club it used to be.

Meanwhile, Gazadis has stated that he will ensure a successful run of his reign at the club by qualifying Milan to the Champions League each season as well as remaining as the first four best clubs in the Serie A which must be reflected in the league table as well.