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Former Chelsea star reveals the secret behind Eden Hazard 15 successful penalty kicks



Eden Hazard

Chelsea top point man during the weekend scored 3 goals against Cardiff City at Stamford Bridge.

While 2 of the goals came as a result of two great passes from France International, Olivier Giroud, the third goal came as a result of a penalty kick.

The Belgian striker during the penalty kick was able to deceive Cardiff Goalkeeper, Neil to the other side of the post, making it easy for him to score.

Going by the record, the weekend penalty kick goal will be Eden Hazard 15th successful penalty kicks.

27-year-old Eden Hazard has played 17 penalty kicks out of which he has scored 15 and lost two.

The two penalty kicks which were unsuccessful was against Manchester City and Crystal Palace.

This means Eden Hazard is rated 88% in terms of playing penalty kicks.

However, former Chelsea turn Bournemouth Goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic, who has played and trained alongside Eden Hazard in a recent statement has revealed the secret behind the Belgium successful penalty kicks.

According to Asmir Begovic, Eden Hazard is a player with a very powerful kick.

He stressed that Eden Hazard changes every week because he has a low centre of gravity and a small body which helps him change his foot in the last minute sending the goalkeeper to another direction.

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