“Diego Costa is one of the best strikers in the world” Chelsea coach Antonia Conte told reporters in his post match interview and journalists could not disagree with the Chelsea coach because the Spaniard had become the first player in the premier league to score double digits when he put his 10th goal past countryman and veteran goalkeeper Victor Valdez!

The striker has hit a form very reminiscent of his first season where he led Chelsea to win the English premier league and with a twist to the script, the striker has been potent with very minimal controversies unlike his debut season.

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Diego Costa is a rock star , the premier league is his stage and his teammates are his band mates while they play the top of the league song. Against Everton tempers were flaring and it was enough to send the Spanish player into a fit if this was last season but the player held his own and put in an exemplary work ethic while the team coasted to a 4-0 victory.

May is still a long time away but if Diego Costa carries this form for the long run then it might just be a case de ja vu for the Spaniard and Antonio Conte’s boys.

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