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Chelsea vs Liverpool: Time for Mo Salah to prove his worth over Eden Hazard




We can at the least say that the EPL match between Chelsea and Liverpool is a match for supremacy between Eden Hazard and Mo Salah.

Certainly, Jurgen Klopp will start his star players today (Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah were missing in action against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup) against Chelsea.

We believe Klopp held back playing his best players not only to allow them rest but make it hard for Sarri to predict how to play against the Reds.

While Eden Hazard came on board in the second half of the match at Anfield to perform his magic, Klopp held back and refused to bring in any key player.

Two players will be on the lookout today and it will be Belgium International, Eden Hazard and Egypt international, Mo Salah.

So far this season, Sarri Maurizio among other football pundits labelled Eden Hazard the best player in Europe and went ahead to place him higher than World stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

But many seem to have forgotten that Eden Hazard was less popular last season while Mo Salah had a goal breaking the record in the EPL last season.

Today’s match will be an opportunity for Mo Salah to prove his worth above Hazard in the EPL.

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