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Changes in the Carabao Cup will affect Chelsea, Liverpool and others



Liverpool vs Chelsea

The Carabao League third round started last night and to continue tonight, Chelsea travel to Anfield to play against Jurgen Klopp led Liverpool side.

However, there seem to be some new changes made to the Carabao League that affect all participating football clubs.

The EFL during the summer conference alongside football clubs came up with some new rules that will be applicable to the competition.

Below are some of the new rules,

1. No more extra time

This is the most essential rule, in the past after the 90-minute game, the football clubs are always granted an extra 30 mins if the game ends in a draw.

However, this time around, when the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, it will be a straight penalty kick.

2. Penalty Kicks changed to ABAB

The Carabao League penalty kicks as at last season were played in ABBA pattern, however, it created some confusion among fans which made the EFL return to the traditional pattern of playing penalty kicks.

3. Yellow cards picked up during the Carabao League are limited to the tournament.

In the past cards picked up in the carabao league can affect a player in the major tournament but it is no longer applicable.

4. The use of VAR

The EFL have seen to it that VAR will be used in all matches to be played in the Carabao League.

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