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Arsenal to raid Celtic following Rodgers exit



Kieran Tierney

English Premier League outfit Arsenal are set to raid Celtic of their star player Kieran Tierney who has become a force to reckon with in the Scottish league.

It is claimed that the North London outfit will have a bid submitted for the star player in the coming summer window as they are confident the deal will fall through owing to the fact that the team have lost their manager Brendan Rodgers and most players might be seeking to move as well.

Celtic on Tuesday lost their manager to English Premier League side and former Champions Leicester City after they sacked their manager for failing o delivers a good result.

Brendan Rodgers had created a stance in the Celtic league after winning the league and in position to win another which is the reason why the players will feel let down with his departure and might force a move away from the club.

However, the North London outfit have been paying attention to Arsenal the left full-back Kieran Tierney for over two years counting and this could be the opportunity available to snap him up as they are in need of a classy player in that position.

Kieran Tierney has improved over the year which is the reason why he is interesting a number of sides with Everton also reported to have made an attempt in the last summer window.