Victor Moses is not a new player in Chelsea Football Club. However, in recent times and especially after his injury, his performance has reached an all-time high even to the surprise of his coach and fellow players.

His journey to being a Chelsea Wonder-boy began in his debut season where he scored 11 goals in 43 appearances.

This winning streak and consistent feat has proven that Moses is not a onetime wonder. He is primed to continue his development as a Chelsea player.

Let us not forget a tremendous pre-season where he showed the stuff he was made off. Surely, it was this high performance that clinched him a solid standing in Chelsea’s first-team.

Recall that while Mourinho was still the coach at Chelsea, he suggested that a loan would be the best for Victor Moses. The footballer thereby spent the next three seasons traveling around the Premier League, spending time with Liverpool, Stoke City, and West Ham United before eventually returning to South West London. In a total of 71 appearances on loan, Moses had managed just a tame total of 8 goals.

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Moses returned to Chelsea this summer to meet Conte’s who gave him a fair chance to prove himself again.

“I have not played there before but I have just got to listen to what the manager asks me to do in that position, and the way he wants me to do it. Every game we play I just want to keep on improving. The more games you play, the more experience you get in that position. I’m really relishing it at the moment and enjoying it”.
“It’s very important to understand your team-mates. I have got Cesar Azpilicueta there, the spare right-back, who is behind me, and he communicates with me and really helps me out to make sure I am in the right position. “Defensively we all work as a unit in training and every day in training the manager is on top of us to make sure we are solid. He’s also very helpful on the touchline. He talks to you to make sure you’re in the right position”. Moses said.

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