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More trouble for Mourinho as he is being reported to the FA



Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Mourinho could be sanctioned by the FA following his faceoff with one of Chlelsea’s backroom staff Marconi Ianni in the Saturday Premier League clash between both teams.

Iaani had taunted in front of the Mourinho’s bench when Ross Barkley scored a stunning goal in the 96th minute which stopped United from leaving the Stamford Bridge with all three points.

Mourinho could not keep his cool as he went straight to the Chelsea bench where the fracas had continued. It took the intervention of the stewards and manager Maurizio Sarri to get the situation under control.

Mourinho had claimed that Iaani disrespected him and his side for such celebration but noted the situation had been handled after Sarri apologised to him and promised to act on it.

However, the incident is reported to have been tabled before the FA by referee Mike Dean in his report as he included Mourinho as one of the offenders.

This means Iaani will not be punished alone but the Portuguese boss might be asked to stay away from the touchline in coming game.

Mourinho has been defended by some pundits that blasted the Chelsea staff for being unable to control his emotions while adding that Mourinho could not be blamed for his reaction.