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Tottenham, Manchester United: A test for Arsenal’s true character




It’s Premier League’s busy period and teams are currently getting ready for that time.

Unfortunately for the Gunners, they have a manager who didn’t know how hectic and tiring this period used to be.

No much worries anyway, the players themselves know how it used to be very tight and they will surely prepare their mind.

Do I say unfortunately the other time? it must be a slip of the tongue because here is the most unfortunate part — Tottenham and Manchester United are the next two clubs the Gunners are meeting.

These two fixtures will definitely determine if the Gunners are title contenders or not.

We have seen many Arsenal fans tipped their club for this season’s Premier League title, it’s not their fault anyway, the 21-match unbeaten run could force a passionate into making such predictions.

Tottenham – Saturday 1st December 2019

The Gunners face Tottenham later today(Saturday) in a contest that would be fiercely contested by both teams.

The race for the League glory depend on every point, so, Mauricio Pochettino and Unai Emery are both interested in maximum points.

The team know the challenge ahead of them as they can’t afford to joke with Tottenham’s attacking threat.

A 3-1 victory over Chelsea last weekend was a clear message to Arsenal and every other top six clubs that Mauricio Pochettino’s men are capable of wreaking havoc to any team.

Should the Gunners successfully scale through Tottenham’s huddle unscathed, then another–maybe greater – – hurdle awaits them three days later

Manchester United – Tuesday 4th December

Whether in great form or not, Manchester United are a scary club that many teams won’t love to face during busy period.

Unfortunately, the Gunners will face them on Tuesday, three days after Tottenham’s clash.

To complicate matters for Unai Emery’s men, the clash is set to take place at Old Trafford — a haunting ground for the Gunners right from Wenger’s early days as manager.

The fans at the theatre of dreams are so lively that they often make opponents, especially arch rivals, feel so intimidated during games.

A game against José Mourinho’s side in such a tiring period isn’t a place where an inexperienced Premier League manager picks up a point, not to talk of maximum points.

Should the Gunners defeat the Old Trafford outfits, then, it can be said that the team are indeed title contenders and City should be wary of the Gunners.

Fingers crossed as we watch how things unfold during the hectic, busy and interesting festive period

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