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Three reasons there was no spark at Anfield yesterday



Yesterday match between Liverpool and Man City was not entertaining as speculated.

There was no iota of spark all through the match except in the last five minutes when Man City had the opportunity to revenge their past defeats against Liverpool.

Former Leicester City star, Riyad Mahrez lost a penalty kick that would have seen the match ended in favour of Man City.

At the moment, Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea have 20 points each and are only leading by goal difference.

But why was there no spark at Anfield as anticipated?

1. There was too much caution – Man City and Liverpool didn’t play their best game yesterday, the two sides were too cautious of each other and didn’t really venture to the opposite side until the last 5 minute to the end of the game.

The two clubs have respect for each other and they preferred to play a draw than advance forward for a goal.

2. Pep Guardiola locked down Liverpool – Coach Pep Guardiola was very sensitive yesterday and refused to give Liverpool players a chance to run. Past experience had taught him not to give room for that.

3. Liverpool attacking trio are losing their superpowers – The Reds attacking trio of Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane were unable to add their usual spark and it looks as if they are losing their grip already and fast fading unlike their performance last season.