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See the hilarious reason why FIFA gave the Puskas Award to Mo Salah




This year FIFA Puskas award has been filled with controversies especially as the award was given to Egypt International and Liverpool forward, Mo Salah for a goal he scored against Everton in December 2017.

The surprising thing is that the selected goal was not even special to be in the top 10 nominee list not to talk of winning the Puskas award.

Many football fans had believed Welshman and Real Madrid player, Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo should have won the award but to the surprise of many, it was given to Mo Salah.

This year award has made the world football body lost its credibility and has been turned into a subject of mockery, especially on Social Media.

However, football fans have taken the award given to Mo Salah to another level as they disclosed the reason why FIFA gave it to him.

According to fans, FIFA wanted to avoid getting written petitions and death threats from Liverpool fans.

They added that the award was given to Salah as a consolation for the Reds petition written when he was attacked by Sergio Ramos in the Uefa Champions League final against Real Madrid in May.

Another fan went on to say that Liverpool fans will still write a petition as to why FIFA left out Salah in the world best XI.

Finally, date announced for Liverpool and Chelsea league cup match