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How this youngster began his journey to greatness at Anfield



Joe Gomez

Football is far becoming a game for the young ones, that’s the major reason why clubs are paying more attention to their youth teams.

Arsenal and Chelsea are known as clubs who don’t joke with their respective academies as they know the financial and other benefits they stand to gain from every star that progress out of the youth set up.

Liverpool are not in the exception, the Reds have been in the business of producing youngsters for quite a while, however, the presence of Jurgen Klopp has further improved the concentration the club’s hierarchy now give to the youth team.

Knowing fully well that Klopp is a manager who has so much trust in young talents, the Reds hierarchy spent some huge amount on scouting for teenagers who will grow up to become great footballers in their first-team squad on the long run.

Joe Gomez’s promotion to the first-team shows Klopp’s affection for youth development

Joe Gomez got promoted to the first-team for the first time under Jurgen Klopp in the previous season.

The youngster was in awesome form for Charlton Athletic’s youth team throughout the previous campaign. His understanding at the back of the pitch for the club’s U23 side was far beyond his age and that struck Klopp’s attention.

The German manager reportedly sent his scout to watch the England youngster in action. After 90 minutes of action, Klopp got an impressive report from scouts, who were happy with what they saw in Gomez and the Merseyside club signed him from Charlton Athletic for just £3.8m.

He trained with Liverpool’s first-team for the first time at age 18 but couldn’t break into the starting lineup.

After many failed attempts to break into the team, the youngster continued to put up fine performances to convince Klopp that he’s ready to feature more prominently in the team.

Luckily for the England star, Liverpool’s regular right-back Nathaniel Clyne picked up a long-term injury which kept him out of action for months, Klopp turned to the youngster, though, that wasn’t his comfortable position.

Despite featuring out of his comfort zone, the youngster didn’t look out of place. He was wonderful against Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea. He didn’t just defend well, he joined the attacking frontline at ease, making inviting crosses into opponent’s box.

His displays throughout Clyne’s duration at the sideline gave Klopp so much to think about — should he continue with Gomez or integrate the injured defender back into the team?

However, Klopp was eventually delivered from his confusing state as the 21-year-old picked up an injury which ruled him out of action for the rest of the season.

2018-19 season

Gomez started this season as a centre-back, partnering Virgil Van Dijk at the heart of the defense. This is a result of injuries picked up by regular starters Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren prior to the start of the campaign.

Though both players are in good shape a, Klopp continued with the youngster at the back of the pitch as he didn’t want to halt the great success he’s achieved so far.

Gomez is currently injured and he’s expected to spend six weeks in the recuperating room, nonetheless, his new five-year contract deal is a great and welcome development.

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