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Mourinho escapes as United owners set to sanction some players



Jose Mourinho

This is virtually the first time that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will not be involved in a controversy or the other.

Just this season alone, Mourinho has been involved in many controversies with the club management, the players, the media and UEFA authorities.

With the latest report, the manager is totally not involved as the players are meant to face the music alone after a decision they took to boycott a program set up at Carrington on Friday by one of their big sponsors.

It would be recalled that the Jose Mourinho led team arrived the stadium for UEFA league game behind schedule, forcing the game to kickstart at about five minutes after the earlier time, a development that led to the fine of the team.

The same scenario was repeated within the week when United hosted Juventus and also arrived some minutes late.

The manager was reported to have gotten off the bus and walked through to the stadium with his hood up.

This was believed to have angered some of the players and they decided to boycott the event organized by the sponsors.

The development has caused the sponsors to lose a lot of money as a result of the actions of the players and the club management according to reports are considering fine on the players.