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Liverpool has changed focus – Jurgen Klopp confirms



Jurgen Klopp

Last season saw Liverpool being mentioned as one of the strongest football clubs in Europe with dangerous attackers.

This was because Liverpool attacking trio of Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino were ‘super’ then.

However, this season has seen the attacking trio struggling to attack with Liverpool playing defensively in most games, which is contrary to their style last season.

Well, the Reds coach, Jurgen Klopp in a recent statement has finally admitted that the team focus has changed.

He admitted that Liverpool are now playing a defensive game.

Apart from Liverpool having one of the strongest attacks, they also have the strongest defense with Virgil Van Dijk as the key player at the back.

Jurgen Klopp in a statement said Liverpool want to be stronger defensively but he hinted that it ‘doesn’t mean we don’t have interest in offensive style.’

The Germany international disclosed it is normal during what he called a ‘period of adaptation.’

He hinted that the Reds have been able to improve defensively owing to combine efforts from the whole squad.

Liverpool are currently the top three clubs in the EPL table and will face Huddersfield later on today with the hope of winning all three points.

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