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Like United, Theo Walcott says life at Arsenal was tough



Theo Walcott

It is now becoming a trend for players to think their reasons for leaving former clubs was because life became tough and unbearable with Everton striker, Theo Walcott being the latest to go the same direction.

Recall that Memphis Depay recently revealed that he did not enjoy his spell at Manchester United which made him leave the club.

Wilfried Zaha also made such claim of being unhappy at United because he did not live the life he wanted to live.

The former Arsenal striker, Walcott also has his claim to make after saying he struggled at the Emirates Stadium in his last days at the club.

Walcott scored 108 goals for Arsenal in 397 appearances but had injury challenges which kept him out most of the time.

He claimed that because of his lack of playing time despite his efforts on the pitch, he “fell out of love with football”

The English player who joined the Toffees at a fee of 20 million Pounds said the final year-and-a-half was “tough”.

Admitting that, Walcott said he has rediscovered the “excitement” at Everton.

The former Southampton said a call from Everton for his signature was his saving grace.

Walcott was tipped to step in the shoes of Thierry Henry at Arsenal but that was not actualized.

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