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‘I feel people at Liverpool, Man City are now laughing at us’, United legend



Paul Scholes

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has decried the current state of his beloved side, stating that they have now become a laughing stock.

United are believed to have lost their character with the controversies surrounding their poor results coming from the club and that has been a major concern to fans and former players who worked hard to make the Old Trafford side a big club.

Scholes in his reaction to the current state of the club noted that United have now taken the place of Liverpool from many years ago.

According to him, inform clubs like the Reds and Manchester City will now have their revenge to giggle at Manchester United like it was done to them some years back.

Scholes noted that United are known to be the leaders and champions in the league but that place seem to have been taken over by Liverpool and Manchester City who are now leaders in the league.

Both City and the Reds have become a different team, giving other clubs the challenge since the coming of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp respectively.

However, United have ceased to be the giants they are known to be since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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