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Facts about Fox Sports



Fox Sports is a part of Fox Broadcasting Company which covers National Sports League. It is a part of News Corporation from Los Angeles, California. It has major broadcasting contracts with MLB, NASCAR, and NFL. Fox Sports is also the only broadcaster of the World Series since year 2000 and will be the exclusive broadcaster up to the year 2013. It has been working with the National Football League since it was formed in the year 1994.

Fox Sports originally was exclusive to cover football league. Later on, it has expanded to hockey and baseball broadcasts. In the year 2010, it aired UEFA Champions League Final which became the network’s first soccer broadcast. With its expansion, it was able to compete and reach high ratings like the other sports broadcasting company. Its main competitors ESPN on ABC, NBC Sports and CBS sports are now working their way out to give Fox Sports a healthy competition that it deserves.

As a broadcasting company, Fox Sports follows certain league market distribution rules. They negotiate with cable companies to cover via regional sports network. This means that the viewers will only view the team that their city represents. One example is the game of Oklahoma City Thunder which can be viewed on Fox Sports Oklahoma.

Fox Sports served the people with 720p HDTV in the year 2004. After quite sometime, they started airing with optimized graphics for 16:9 than the usual 4:3. They asked the cable and satellite providers to follow their standards in order to provide the viewers with a standard and high quality viewing. This marked their way as the first American Network who optimized their presentation for widescreen in sports viewing. This also added attraction to the viewers and made them more popular.

As Fox Sports gain popularity, they got into Public Service which has introduced Fox Supports. Organizations are tied to a package which will support charities. In the year 2008 – 2009, NASCAR was partnered with Autism Speaks while MLB was for Make a Wish Foundation. NFL was partnered with Children’s Health Fund and BCS was for Alzheimer’s Association. In the year 2009 – 2010, NASCAR was tied up with Susan J. Komen for the Cure. MLB was tied up with Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, NFL for City of Hope and BCS for Malaria No More.

Today, Fox Sports features all kinds of sports like boxing and basketball. This can now be accessed online through their website. Sport lovers will have access to the latest updates and happenings of the games that they have been waiting for anytime and anywhere. They can view the most updated videos and read the full story of each and every game and athletes. This only proves that not only it has increased its popularity but it became one the world’s biggest Sport Broadcasting Company. The blessings that they have shared with the less fortunate truly bounced back as they continuously become progressive. Their reliability was proven by the thousands of viewers who support the network and believe them with their breaking news and stories.

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