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Defensive tactics? Mustafi says why clean sheets does not matter



Shkodran Mustafi

Many Arsenal fans will not agree with Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi on this but the defender has played down clean sheets in games for the North London outfit.

Arsenal have conceded the most amongst the top clubs in the English Premier League which is a major concern to many, especially with their bad defence.

Shkodran Mustafi is one of the defenders who have been criticized by the press and the fans for not doing more in their responsibility to guard the Arsenal team from the back especially after the good work has been done by the attackers to score goals.

However, he is of the opinion that what matters the most is for the Gunners to secure three points, not minding if they concede a goal or not.

Shkodran Mustafi made this known when responding to Sky Sports as he tries to defend the lack of clean sheets by his team.

However, the Gunners board will not go by the worlds of the former Valencia defender as they are reportedly in search for new and quality defenders ahead of the summer transfer window.

Efforts to secure an addition failed in the last winter window as the Gunners team were not ready for any major but.