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Champions League qualification is not Emery’s priority, what he said is incredible



Unai Emery

The mood for North London outfit Arsenal and their supporters has been a very light one after they were able to secure a convincing win against Newcastle on Monday night to emerge third in the Premier League table.

The North London outfit are now in a better position to qualify to the Champions League ahead of Man United and Chelsea but that will only be determined by how consistent they are in the remaining games left.

Manager Unai Emery has noted that he is not all about the craze of qualification to the Champions League but what he would be happy to achieve with the team is to ensure consistency and also create a big atmosphere that will cement their status as a big side.’

Unai Emery noted that the big challenge for the team is to win and they have been able to prove that they can do that with different formations and players on the pitch.

The Spanish boss noted that the team became lazy after the first two games of the season but they have returned back to their best and will hope to secure more wins with the difficult games ahead of the team before the end of the season.