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Martin Keown – Blame Mourinho for United defeat against newly promoted Huddersfield Town



Martin Keown

Arsenal legend Martin Keown made it known that Jose Mourinho is to be blamed for Manchester United shock defeat at Huddersfield.

Recon that Mourinho men were held to a goalless draw at Anfield, this could have been the stigma behind an ineffective attacking Manchester United side against Huddersfield who had only won just one league game before a win against United

As previously revealed, Jose Mourinho was very angry after the game having heard that Herrera admin his side lacked a winning desire, But according to Keown, he believes Mourinho’s team selection was a mess. ‘I can’t help but think that by leaving youngster Marcus Rashford and in form player Mkhitaryan on the bench he’s got what he deserved,’ said Keown.

In his very words, he said:

‘He’s taken away some of the freedom from this team which is very bad for a coach to do.

‘It’s not a tap you can turn on and off and they couldn’t respond today with enough to beat this Huddersfield Town team and that’s a little bit of an embarrassment for Old Trafford.’

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