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Why Granit Xhaka is Arsenal’s unsung hero




Arsenal midfielder has not been in the news of late as he has been quiet with his actions to speak for him.

It is cool to say that he is not the most loved Arsenal player owing to the series of criticisms against him in the past, especially under former manager Arsene Wenger. He has been the scapegoat in the team because he is not understood.

There is no doubt that the Arsenal game gets under control each time Granit Xhaka is on the pitch with the little of former player Gilberto Silva seen in him since joining the club in 2016 under the former French manager.

Granit Xhaka was completely different under former manager Arsene Wenger as he played too deep with most of the roles assigned to him as defensive and dirty jobs on the pitch.

However, there is a new Granit Xhaka at the Emirates Stadium with the new manager Unai Emery because he has been able to dictate the pace for the Gunners team and that is usually lacking each time he is not on the pitch as the North Lomond outfit always look disjointed

Meanwhile, Statistics have shown that the Gunners have less of the ball with about 59-53 per cent and fewer passes compared to the times he is on the pitch.