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What A Tragedy: Klopp and Tony Snub Each other After 90 Minutes Draw



Jurgen Klopp

There were no handshake or any form of pleasantries between both team managers as the game did not go much in favour of both.

Kloop and his opposing mate Tony Pulis clashed severally in their second-half time and this continued to an injury period when Liverpool scored and the game ended in equal terms.

According to Klopp

“ I haven’t shaken hands with tony Pulis , I didn’t see him and I can’t say anything because all I see and talk about is football.

“Usually I shake hands but today I did not. It was not a friendly game, everybody saw it . I wish Pulis all the best.

Liverpool first goal came through the 25 year old Jordan Henderson who is the captain of the team, he just returned from an injury.

The close nature of the encounter seemed to be the reason why Pulis and Kloop were so agitated and this led to both not smiling at each other after the game.

Pulis side surrendered victory at last but Liverpool were good and they registered 28 attempts during the lasting 90 minutes of the match.

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