Off the back of 2-0 win against a resilient Sunderland side, German coach Jurgen Klopp has praised the Anfield atmosphere for being responsible for the team nicking the game so late.

The Anfield faithful were already silenced by a very defensive Moyes side while they were frustrated at the showing of their team being unable to break the deadlock after the 1st half and were anticipating another replica of the Southampton match going into halftime.

Jurgen Klopp had to rally around the team and support started to increase behind their team, he was quoted as saying “In a game like this, with the quality we have and the skills the players show, we force teams into defence.

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So that means then you cannot come through all the time, that’s how it is. I think we all need to learn to handle a situation like this. We’re after football solution, work on it and all that stuff, that’s what we try all the time and do all the time.

“But then of course I believe in atmosphere actually it’s a big, big part of the game, a big part of the joy. The crowd was really, really good in the first half – in the second half it was like ‘now come on, we’ve waited long enough’.


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