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See how Liverpool secure their future with this player’s new deal



Joe Gomez

Injury or no injury, Joe Gomez is too valuable to Liverpool to not joke with his signature, hence, they offered him a new and lengthy contract.

The young England defender is being in top form with the Reds since the start of this season but his recent injury brought a halt to his blistering start to the campaign.

What does this contract mean to Liverpool

I smiled with my side cheek when I saw a headline that said: “Liverpool reward Gomez with a new five-year contract”. You must be wondering what’s so funny about the headline, right?

Plainly looking at the player’s pacy development and beautiful performances since his debut appearance for the Reds, you will agree with me that the Reds are doing themselves a whole lot of good with the new deal.

Gomez is no longer a player who could easily be ignored by the Reds or any club in the world as his consistency is far beyond his young age.

Should the Merseyside club decide to let him leave in January, then you will understand the reason behind my smile and my points.

There are many clubs who are in need of world-class defenders and the England international possesses everything needed to become one.

Manchester United manager José Mourinho was desperately in search of a centre-back during the summer transfer market but he couldn’t find one throughout the window.

His desperation for new defenders was seen afterwards, his side have conceded 29 goals in just 16 matches so far this season.

Mourinho is still in need of new defenders, especially a centre-back, he won’t think twice before making move for his signature. Now you see who is doing who a favour.

Considering Gomez’s age, you will realize that the youngster is surely doing the Reds a great favour with the new contract he signed.

He is just 21 years of age, the new contract means he will be at Anfield until he turns 26. What a way to help Liverpool secure its future!

For the next five years, the Reds won’t have any reason to look for another centre-back back, unless if they decide to find a quality backup for Virgil Van Dijk who would be 34 by then.

His age is an added advantage to the Reds as he is very smart, young and very mobile. mobile enough to switch positions with any players at some point in time.

As much as the Reds played a great role in his rise to stardom, Gomez is a player who can’t do without getting two suitors vying for his signature.

Therefore, the Reds are doing themselves a huge favour by holding on to the player’s signature for another five years.

Firmino, Salah, Mane, and Milner have already extended their stay at Anfield as Klopp hope to have the same crop of players for many seasons.

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