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Star player seeks Pogba’s reunion but not at United




Juventus star player Paulo Dybala has stated that he wants to pair up again with Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba on the same half but noted that he will not be moving to the English Premier League side, Manchester United

This implies that he seeks for the return of his former teammate at Juventus after both players played against each other on Wednesday night in the Champions League encounter between both teams.

Before leaving Juventus, Pogba and Dybala played together for a season in 2015-2016 where they became friends and got along both on and off the pitch. All of the fun has been missed and Juventus player wants a return.

However, Paulo Dybala was quick to say he does not fancy a move to Manchester United because of his new found partner Cristiano Ronaldo who joined the club from Real Madrid in the summer.

The Juventus player was happy to have played against his teammates but will not fancy another having met two times within the past three weeks with United seeming to have had the best victory as underdogs.

Meanwhile, all of the talks are not expected to unsettle the World Cup winner who seems to be enjoying life again at the club following the unrest at the beginning of the season.