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Arsenal legend – Chelsea will struggle without this player



paul marson

Paul Merson says Chelsea will struggle without Eden Hazard

So far in the new EPL season, Chelsea FC have maintained a 100 percent win having defeated the likes of Huddersfield, Arsenal, Newcastle and recently Bournemouth.

The Blues are now closing in on the likes of Liverpool and Man City as they become one of the major contenders for the EPL trophy this season.

However, Arsenal legend, Paul Merson in a statement disclosed that there is one major player making the Blues achieve all of these.

eden hazard

Paul Merson stressed that the Blues will struggle to perform without their top striker and Belgium international, Eden Hazard.

He added that the Sarri led Chelsea squad must be breathing a sigh of relief after they convinced the 27-year-old Belgian striker remain at the club.

‘Give him another chance’ Merson plead for Chelsea summer signing to get another year

This is actually true as Eden Hazard was close to leaving Stamford Bridge during the Summer transfer window.

But Chelsea new boss Sarri Maurizio had been able to convince him to remain at the Club.

Paul Merson added that everything at Stamford Bridge centres on Eden Hazard, had the Blues creative forward left for Real Madrid, he will have left Chelsea in a total shamble.