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Mourinho takes swipe at former United players




Former Man United manager Jose Mourinho has taken a swipe at former Red Devils players Paul Scholes and Gary Neville over lack of success in their management career.

Both former players have been critical of the Portuguese boss in the past but they were able to prove they can do it when handed the opportunity to take charge of clubs.

It would be recalled that Gary Neville was handed the opportunity of managing Spanish La Liga outfit Valencia but he could not last more than 16 league games at the club while Paul Scholes also walked away from his job as the manager of Oldham after 31 days.

According to the former United and Chelsea boss, the two players have been critical of him but have not been able to prove any success when handed the opportunity.

Pointing that both are pundits and will prefer to stay on the screen to do the talking, Jose Mourinho pointed out that they do not have the talent to become a good manager and should stop the critics.

He noted that he has got the natural knowledge of the job which cannot be compared to the academics of it as he boasts that he will be better than those that sits to criticize him.