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Video: Marcos Alonso attempts to curl ball from 200 meters away during training 



Marcos Alonso

Video: Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso attempts to curl ball from 200 meters away during training

Chelsea under new Coach Sarri Maurizio has undergone tremendous changes and it is visible in the way most of Chelsea players are now playing.

The ex Napoli coach is out to turn a majority of the players into goal scoring machines.

Earlier on, report had disclosed that France international, N’Golo Kante is one of Chelsea players that have undergone change at Stamford Bridge.

The French midfielder now moves forward easily during matches with the intention to score goals.

However, we have come to discover that Kante is not the only player, who is out to score goals.

Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso has also become a goal-scoring machine.

Marcos Alonso scored 2 goals this season although one of the goals was not directly scored by him as it was an own goal.

The Blues defender scored during the game between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.

He also went ahead to create a chance during the Match against Newcastle, a goal scored by Yedlin.

Well, Marcos was spotted during training trying to curl a ball in a basketball loop from 200 meters.

Although, the ball didn’t score, it was a close hit.