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Why I left Man United, Angel de Maria



Every of the world’s best coaches have also got their own share of the spoil when it comes to making a transfer decision that ended up being the wrong one.

Former Manchester United Coach Louis Van Gaal has also got his own share in his spell at the Old Trafford and kudos to him that he was quick to learn and make the decision by cashing in on the player to avoid him being too much of a liability.

However, one of his transfer decisions, Angel de Maria failed to impress at the Old Trafford and ended up becoming a burden to the club before he had to find his way out.

Angel de Maria was sold just after spending one season with the Red Devils to French Ligue 1 outfit Paris Saint Germain.

Speaking on the reason why he left, Angel de Maria confessed that he was a flop at the Theater of Dreams and that year was not the best time of his career because he struggled although.

He made it clear that he had complications with the coach at that time but expressed delight he was able to find his way out to the French Ligue 1 outfit where he regained his form and returned to his best again.

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