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Latest report justifies Mourinho against the press



Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been at loggerhead with the press, having accused them of always coming after him.

Just this season alone, Mourinho had described the stories written on the newspapers and blogs as lies by pressmen, adding to the situation where he worked out on them in a press conference.

The Portuguese manager’s claim that he is being hunted by the media could be well justified with the story recounted by midfielder Andreas Pereira who claimed the press were wrong to have reported a video wrongly

Pereira expressed his displeasure at the press for also claiming he has fallen out with the former Chelsea boss.

This is after the star midfielder was seen in a video where French midfielder Paul Pogba had clashed with Mourinho and also claims of how he behaved during the Carabao Cup defeat.

Pereira explained that Pogba had posted a picture where he was laughing alongside Luke Shaw at the time the team was leading 1-0 but the press had reported that the video posted after the game which United eventually lost.

He added that the manager was made to believe that Pogba had posted the video after the game which he sought explanations for.

According to him, the situation would have been made clear by the press instead of making it go badly.

He stressed that he would not have treated the manager in bad manner because Mourinho had given him the opportunity he has got at the Old Trafford.

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