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Jurgen Klopp Reveals What He Thinks About Chelsea



jurgen klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confessed Chelsea may win the Premier League if they continue their current fine form this season.

The Blues are sitting comfortably at the top of the Premier League table, winning 11 games on the bounce and now six points clear off their rivals.

Jurgen Klopp who has helped Liverpool to an improved performance in the League so far this season but admits Chelsea will be deserved champions if they keep up their impressive form.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Klopp said: “When they go on like this they are the deserved champions, nobody could have a doubt about this.

“I am pretty sure that until now Chelsea are maybe the team that have had the most luck with injuries. We lost Phil (Coutinho) and Daniel (Sturridge) and Danny Ings in difficult moments when you really could use them.

“If it’s Hazard and Costa at Chelsea, is it the same afterwards? It’s a long season and they all have to play us again and not only us, they have to play Arsenal again and all of the others.

“Of course they are the team to beat because they are very experienced, maybe the most experienced team in the top flight at the moment.”

Liverpool has also showed real contention for the title for the first time in as many years but has shown cracks in their leaky defence.