Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has given reasons why he has had a difficult start to his time at Manchester United as well as what he needs to be successful at the club.

Though the win in the EFL cup over arch rivals Manchester City came as a relief but results in the premiership have not been so good. United have claimed only 4 points from their last six matches and this has heaped a lot of pressure on the manager and players.

Mourinho has stated that for him to be successful he needs more time as well as more world class players.

He said :

“We need time, It is always the same story. At some clubs and with some managers they have all the time they want. With others, you demand immediate success of the clubs and the managers. That’s Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. No problem. It’s not the way I prefer, it’s just the way it is. It’s the way I arrived at the club without Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane or Bryan Robson.

“And some of them like Michael [Carrick] are in a period where they are phenomenal but they are not in the group that is 24 or 25. I always went to clubs in a non-easy process. I never went to a winning club with recent success where you can just introduce a bit of your salt and pepper and change the direction, and the road to success was there. I always had difficult moments.”

In a bid to buttress his point, Mourinho went on to remind everyone (as if we have forgotten) about his achievements in previous clubs

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He said :

“I left Porto as European champions, I left Inter as European champions, I left Chelsea with two titles in three years, and I left Real Madrid with three Champions League semi-finals and with a title. Then I got this club in a hard situation but that is a great job.


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