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Incredible reasons why Arsenal are yet to sign a single player



It can be argued that the summer transfer window is still at its early stage but one thing that is certain remains the fact that English Premier League outfit Arsenal are yet to land any transfer signing.

This is a different ball game from what was experienced about 12 months ago when manager Unai Emery joined the team.

James Benge of in his analysis blamed the slow process of selection making at the Emirates Stadium as the reason why there is yet to be an announcement on a new player.

Indeed international transfers cannot be processed until June 11, but it is yet to be seen if the Gunners will complete any deals today, Tuesday.

Secondly, It has been observed even in the reigns of former manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal finds it difficult to access their targets.

A number of players have been linked to filling Arsenal’s much-needed positions, including the left-back, central defence, a winger and a box-to-box midfielder. All of these targets are yet to be assessed by the Arsenal team.

Lastly, Arsenal are yet to secure any signing because of their limited transfer fund. It has been claimed that the sum of 40 million Euros has been made available to the Spanish boss and that is obviously not enough. This calls for very intelligent calculations before transfer deals are sealed.

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