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Emiliano Sala: Family of missing footballer sends big message



While the search of a missing plane carrying English Premier League outfit Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala is yet to be found his family has made a cry out to the police.

Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson both vanished in the thin air and are yet to be found after 9 hours of intensive search.

Channel Islands Air Search chief officer John Fitzgerald has claimed that there is still no trace of the footballer or the aircraft as and the hope of finding him remains slim.

These words are not of relevance to Emiliano Sala’s family as they pleaded with the police to continue search and not postponed as earlier claimed.

At a press conference in Argentina, Emiliano Sala’s family spokesperson Martin Molteni told newsmen that it is important the search continues, adding that the rescuers should use all possible means to find out all that happened before the plane went missing.

However, it is unclear if the police will continue the search on the plea from the family as the reaction from the police is still being expected.

Meanwhile, Emiliano Sala’s family have been placed under privacy on the advice by the police owing to the sensitive nature of the incident.

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