The Red Devils may be sixth on the Premier League table with few points behind Chelsea but the Red Devils boss remains adamant that they are still in the Premier League race.

Mourinho has won three Premier League trophies, all at Chelsea. Two he won at his first stint and one in his second stint which ended as Chelsea players struggled for form and fitness.

United will clash with West Ham this weekend in the Premier League and the Red Devils boss has hinted on changes.

Also pointing out his time at Chelsea as proof that United are in the title race, at same time throwing sublime jibes at Arsene Wenger.

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The united boss said: “When I won the last title 18 years ago – sorry, 18 months ago – I had 10 points advantage and then in one month I had the same points as Man City.

“We lost 10 points in one month. I think it was the end of December or the beginning of January and we’d lost 10 points.

We know that the game is not over” The Portuguese on United’s Premier League title chances.

“Then we recovered and won that title 18 years ago – sorry, 18 months ago. You can recover points. Others can lose points, we go match after match.

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“During the season there are moments when everything goes against you and moments where everything goes in your favor.

“We know that the game is not over but the reality is there is a distance and, also, there are many quality teams. Let’s go match by match and see what happens.”

The Red Devils won their last match against Feyenoord 4:0, on Thursday.


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