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Arsenal new poor impressive in shirtless display



Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka, and teammates Admir Mehmedi and Breel Embolo have their Puma shirts ripped to shreds in Switzerland’s match against France


But the manufacturing faults did not stop at the shirts – the Adidas match ball astonishingly burst in the second half.


There was some major manufacturing errors during France’s goalless draw with Switzerland which saw both teams qualify for the knockout stages of the competition.

Three different Swiss players had to change their Puma shirts after having them ripped during the scrappy match.

But the faults did not stop with the Puma Swiss shirts. Quite astonishingly, the Adidas match ball even burst in the second half when Valon Behrami stood on the ball while he made a last-ditch tackle on Antoine Griezmann.

Incoming £30m Arsenal signing Granit Xhaka impressed for the Swiss, busy in midfield, so busy in fact he finished the game in his third shirt of the game.

Admir Mehmedi and Breel Embolohad also had their shirt ripped to shreds during the clash.

Gary Lineker wrote on Twitter, while hosting the game: “Swiss team’s Puma shirts tearing like paper. Adidas ball bursting. You can never rely on German efficiency!”

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