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Why 2019 summer window will be uninteresting



Liverpool fans

Emerging reports hint that the 2019 summer transfer window will not be interesting after it has been revealed that the window will be shorter than what it used to be.

This has been confirmed at Thursday’s shareholder’s meeting where all 20 Premier League teams were present.

The decision has been made unanimously by the clubs having complained that transfer activities usually unsettle players and cause distractions amongst clubs whose players are speculated to be having suitors.

However, it has been agreed that the next year’s summer transfer window will end on August 9 earlier than the already known deadline day of the last day in August.

It was reported that a total of 14 clubs voted in favour of the move which makes it the stand of the majority excluding Manchester United, Manchester City, Watford, Swansea City and Crystal Palace that were against the move.

However, suggestions are that the majority of clubs will be affected by this move in case they are unable to wrap up a wish deal within the short time frame.

Also, clubs who fail to meet the deadline day will have to wait until the winter window which usually reopens in January before they can complete a deal and that could go a long way in affecting their first half of the season.

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